Ultimate Notion Headache & Migraine Tracker

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Headache & Migraine Diary

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How can this diary help you?

Headache and migraine diaries are incredibly useful for managing any headache disorder. These essential tools provide valuable insights into your condition, including aiding in diagnosis, identifying trigger factors and symptoms, evaluating medication effectiveness, and giving you a deeper understanding of your disorder.

While Migraine Buddy and other phone apps are amazing for tracking your headache, with this template you can see exactly what you want to see the way you want it to be seen. Whether you want a simpler or more advanced tracking system this template will work for you.

How does this template work?

Say goodbye to scattered and incomplete records and hello to a streamlined headache tracking system!

Streamline your headache tracking with this user-friendly template. With its utilization of Notion's powerful formulas, relations, and rollups, managing multiple databases and views becomes effortless. Get the most out of your tracking experience with features that include: monthly number calculations, simplified data management, and more. Simplicity and effectiveness go hand in hand with this template.

This template includes:

  • Automated Monthly Reports: Taking advantage of Notion's formulas and relations, this template delivers automated Monthly Reports on average migraine's episode duration, average pain level, number of days with pain, and more
  • Comprehensive daily log system: Easily document the type of headache, start date and time, duration, severity, pain description, accompanying symptoms, triggers, medication taken, relief methods used, and much more. Customize it to fit your needs by adding or removing as many parameters as you want
  • Monthly Traffic Light System: A simple way to visualize and think about your headaches using the Canadian Headache Society Guidelines Traffic Light System
  • Notion2Charts Pie Chart: Best way to visualize your monthly severity level
  • Monthly and Yearly Views: Clearly visualize and compare among different months and years to see how your headaches are progressing

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Ultimate Notion Headache & Migraine Tracker

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